My Oh My!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

As you can imagine, work’s been pretty hectic and I’ve been buggered!  I also got to try and get my groove back and get writing again.  Admittedly, I’m also going through a writer’s block.  Although I’ve got a whole heap of books to read and review, I’m just so… mentally drained.

I really want to get back to doing what I love, but I think it’s the current social climate with COVID and whatnot.  The world is not in an ideal state at the moment.  If anything, it’s somewhat depressive.  Anyway, sorry for sounding like a Negative Nancy.

But you know what’s been brewing in my mind for quite a while?  Creating a podcast.  However, this podcast won’t be related to books and the like.  If you know me well, you’d know that I’m enthusiastic about the paranormal and overall bizarre things.  Hence, when the time is right, I want to create this podcast.

Since I would like sources that are credible, I’ve got some books that I’ve got my eye on regarding the topic of ‘paranormal things Down Under’.  I actually can’t wait to read through them and be inspired.  Of course, I’ll also review them here (he he he).

As always, there are a number of writing topics that I want to discuss here too.  I’ve got my OneNote prepared for all the ideas that’ll come into mind.

Well, I’m keeping this one short and sweet.  Just wanted to update you all about the goings on regarding the blog (that I will never abandon!).  Keep your eyes peeled for new content.  I love you all *chef’s kiss*.


Hey! How have you been? Hopefully you’re all staying safe and hope you’re not too anxious or bored. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m freezing my socks off right now. It’s the beginning of September, and there’s been this sudden cold snap where I am–Spring is supposed to blossom into our lives, but we ain’t feeling it (or at least, I’m not).

But as you have read in the title, I got myself a brand new laptop. So yeah, it sure feels good to type with a “real” keyboard again rather than a cruddy phone touchscreen (and manually adjusting paragraphs to justified via the html editor–ain’t nobody got time for that!). Also, because I kind of go ham with money, I upgraded this blog to a business plan (not that it’s any of your business, teehee), and I also got Adobe Cloud. You know it’s serious business if one gets Adobe Cloud. I purchased it because I need to change my face with Photoshop want to add a little oomph to TABL. That means making better graphics, optimising pictures, and using better stock photos rather than the royalty free ones you get online–sometimes you can’t find the exact image you want to use for your blog post.

I want to invest in a better quality blog/site, so I think it’s fair to say my purchases are justified. At least then, TABL can shine like the star she truly is. This has been my passion project for a bit over four years now, and as each year passes, this blog shall grow and evolve. The most I want for TABL is for it to look professional and appealing to the eye, and to show how far my multiple skills have grown since the inception of this blog. It kind of feels like Christmas, and I’m rearing to make a proper comeback on here.

Anyway, I’m also excited because October is around the corner, and for that particular month, I’m keen to write some sp00ky blog posts because of Halloween. Plus–as of next week, I’m officially taking two weeks off work for a little R&R (yay!). So you may find me on here posting random crap like I used to. Keep your eyes peeled! I shall see you when I see you! Take care always.


Four Years and Counting…

Not looking bad, Bessie. Not looking bad at all. (Source: Twitter)

Well, look who’s back!

Yes, yes, I’m still here, which means TABL is here too (yay smiley face). Anyway, I know that I haven’t been around as such and I keep on saying that I’ll be back, yaddi yaddi ya. Truthfully, I’ll have to say that work has been taking up a lot of my time, being essential and all during this cruddy and uncertain climate.

But enough of that emo crap, we’re here to celebrate TABL’s fourth birthday! Woohoo! As always, I’m grateful for anybody that stumbles across this blog, and glad that I’ve connected with like-minded people that share the same enthusiasm for writing and reading, and sharing their passions even if it isn’t literature-related. Admittedly, I wish I could write more on here like I used to. I just have a lot of blogpost ideas but my computer is… argh! It keeps shitting itself, but I’ll be getting it repaired during my time off work in the next month.

As well as reviews and poetry interpretation, I also want to post more “guides” like the POC one, and rambles about the story writing process. While I’m not a perfect writer or a professional one at that, I’d still like to share my thoughts on character types, tropes, and the like, to maybe have a think about in your own time, or to share your insight (if you want to, of course!) with others.

The four years being on here have been sporadic, just like life itself. At least, here on WordPress, we have a little niche of our own where we can take a break from the stress and unpredictability of life, reading and writing about things we love. We still have each other, and again, thanks for popping in to TABL every now and then. You’re always welcome here, don’t forget about that! Stay tuned, I’ll be with you when I can!

Just a Thought on Procrastination

Ah. Another year, another blog post. Now, I think I may have gotten to the bottom of my blogger’s block. Apologies for incoherence, I’m writing this at midnight and I’m tired as heck!

I’m a procrastinator (and not proud of it). The more I think about doing something, the more it gets pushed down my agenda. I tell myself to write another blog post, but… ugh. It’s not like I hate blogging or anything—I love it, but I guess I’m putting some pressure on myself.

It can be said the same thing about reading. I pressure myself to read, but then again, I haven’t been reading as much. It might be because I get distracted by things like Netflix, podcasts, or YouTube… *sigh*. It’s easy to lose track of time by streaming information and I guess it’s easier to listen than to read (because I’m getting lazy—sue me!).

However, I don’t want to put any more pressure on myself. I suppose I’ve gotten a little timid because other bloggers are racking up followers and pushing out as many blog posts as possible, and I feel like I’m being left behind. I don’t want to care about that anymore. I have to remember that this is a hobby and something I want to do during my downtime! I also want to ease myself back to reading, so sometime last year, I splurged my disposable income on some novels I’ve had my eye on for ages. Here’s a happy louse with some of her purchases below:

Oh look, a halo made of books and a doofus-y face to boot!

I decided to do this so I can revive my interest in reading again.

Currently, I’m ready The Haunting of Hill House. Again, I don’t want to pressure myself to read and complete novels in a certain time frame, because that will likely make me procrastinate more (yikes!). Reading is not a race, but rather, something like meditation. Something to do at one’s own pace during their own time.

Anyway, this is just another diary entry to put my thoughts into words… I miss everyone and I miss blogging. Belated Happy New Year and let’s make 2021 a little more productive!

TABL Turns Two!! (Actually Three. My bad)

Hello everyone!

Not much going on here but MY BABY IS TWO( ETA its actually THREE)! Admittedly, I haven’t been writing in here as much as I’d like to, but I’m glad to still be here. As always, I’d like to thank everyone for reading/skimming/lurking/visiting the blog, even if there hasn’t been much content published.

Wow… two three years is a lot of time (duh). I started this blog as something to motivate me to read my set novels for my studies but it completely evolved into something not different, but better. Here, I can share and express what’s on my mind regarding literature, and although I should do this more, see what other bloggers are writing about. WordPress has been a godsend to my life, and having a blog as a writer has its perks.

Since writing is going through a major shift from print to digital, it’s a great advantage for any writer to have a blog. This is because with the skills we learn from having one i.e HTML, SEO, content management systems, possibilities with jobs are endless (take that, naysayers that think Arts is a rubbish degree!). Plus, aside from journaling and working on manuscripts or articles, a blog is one more medium to exercise writing.

Anyway, I’m gonna celebrate with a glass (or two, or five) of some cheap Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ve got a night shift on tomorrow, so I’ll be just right getting on the sauce tonight (winky face emoji). But for now, ciao!

So yeah…

Well peeps, it’s time for another update on TABL! Hey, I know I’ve been away for a long time despite my last post declaring that I’m going to revive this blog, but a lot of things happened in my personal life that made me put my digital baby in the back burner.

Firstly, there’s the issue that is gripping our whole planet right now: COVID19. Since I work in a supermarket, I have been flat out at my job since we’re considered essential workers and all. As you can imagine, it’s been super hectic and I’ve been tired and all my motivation to blog has run out.

Secondly, my father passed away last month. So my family and I had to spend time preparing the final farewell and important stuff that I won’t get into. We’re still sorting these matters out.

Thirdly, I’m writing this on my phone! My computer has officially shit itself and I need to take it to a repair shop, so phone blogging it is for now. I’m bummed that I don’t know how to align my text to Justified on the app (please help a sister out if you do know), but hey, I’m kinda warming up to the block editor though!

So long story short, a fair amount of shizz has been going on in my personal life, hence why I’ve stopped blogging for a while. I want to slowly ease my way back though, because TABL is my baby and I reaaaalllyy don’t want to abandon it, even if it means that I post updates that no one cares about. The world is in a tough place right now, with this pandemic going on and I can imagine that it’s affecting us whether mildly or intensely. I’m just glad that blogging is one way that we can still connect with one another during these dire times.

Anyway, I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet. I’ll try and do something for my blog’s up and coming second birthday. But for now, keep safe and stay healthy, and I’ll see you next time.

Blowing the Dust and Cobwebs Off This Blog

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, a belated happy new year! Here’s hoping for a wonderful 2020 for all of us here at WP and everywhere else.

Anyway… the reason why I’ve been absent during the tail end of last year is because this old Louse has found (casual) employment! So, my shifts at work are kind of sporadic, now drafting up posts for TABL will likely take longer (and I’m binge watching Spongebob to unwind because I can). Though, this doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading during my downtime. I’ve already finished The Testaments by Margaret Atwood and plan to make some combo review of that and its prequel. I’m also currently reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt, but the more I read it, the more of a dingus I feel like I am (I don’t know shizz about Ancient Greek language, okay?).

I’ve also got a half-done review in the Drafts tab, regarding The House Across The Street by Lesley Pearse. Slowly but surely, it will be published soon! Not to mention, there’s a heap of books I still haven’t gotten around to, as well as other dnf’d works that I’m considering giving a second chance.

Well, I don’t want to bore you with my incessant rambling, so I’m going to draw it to a halt here. Stay tuned and keep on being your bookish selves! Looking forward to the new works that this new decade will bring us!

I’m Still Here!

Hello everyone!

As you’ve read in the title, this is just a quick post to let you know that I’m still around on WordPress.  TABL has not been abandoned, but as you can see, there hasn’t been a post since March.

Truth be told, in the past several months, there have been a few things that have kept me occupied–family matters that couldn’t be ignored.  Bear in mind, these matters are still ongoing but I’m still (agonisingly slowly) writing up a new post for this blog.  Please expect it in the coming weeks.

So I’m sorry for the pretty long hiatus.  I hope you understand.  I’ll be hanging around like I used to soon!  Miss you all and can’t wait to be properly writing here again and seeing all your content too!

new siggie again

Looking Back: A Word on My English Degree

Photo 21-3-19, 8 53 26 pm

L-R: Sam, Ashleigh, Evan, and your girl.  We were all a little giggly here because prior to this picture being taken, we had a conversation about how the robes made us all look like Voldemort (and Evan was pretending to hide a wand in his cloak).

Hello everyone!  Hope everything’s fine and dandy with you all.

(I want to make an apology to WordPress because all the issues I’ve been having the past few posts had little to do with them and everything to do with me being an ignorant fool.  A bit of googling reveals that all the formatting issues I’ve had involved weirdness that occurs when you cut and paste text into WP’s editor.  So, sorry for all the bashing!  Suppose the only thing to do is to work with this flaw and type my post directly in.)

Anyway, I’d like to share to you that I officially graduated on the 20th of March, and all I can say is that my graduation was probably one of the best days of my life so far.  In honour of studying English at uni, I figured that it was probably time for me to write a sentimental post regarding this rollercoaster ride experience.  So brace yourselves for a fairly long-ish post and let’s get going!

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I’m sorry.

Dear beloved readers,

I know I’ve promised more content, but I have to be honest and tell you all that I’ve got too many commitments going on right now.  I’ve started studying a new online course which is taking up a lot of my time, and I’ve also been in the process of serious job hunting and planning for the future.  Because of this, I haven’t been on here for quite a while, nor have I been reading a lot either (if you don’t count module content).

As for now, I’m going to have to put TABL on another break.  While it’s so much fun being here and writing blog posts, I have no choice but to prioritise my activities, and TABL is further down the list.  For this, I just want to say sorry to you all.

I hope you all understand.  This isn’t goodbye–I want to continue blogging, but you probably won’t see any more content on here until after the new year.

Wishing you all a splendid festive season, wherever you are in the world.  Continue reading and blogging, and I appreciate you all!   See you next year!

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