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Section 1: Nature of Content 


The Avid Book Louse is a personal and independent blog that focuses on literature and writing, and at times life updates.  Content and opinions may be subject to change in the future.


Some posts may contain explicit, upsetting, and offensive content depending on the topic being written about e.g. a review of a novel with graphic descriptions.  There will always be a visible warning applied to the said posts.  Read at your own risk; The Avid Book Louse will not take responsibility for any reactions that may arise, as readers have been warned.

Section 2: Copyright


All written content published on this site is authored by me unless stated otherwise. There are also images taken with my own camera that feature on this blog, and thus belong to The Avid Book Louse. If you intend to use any content from this site, please be courteous, abide by the copyright laws, and please give credit where it’s due.


Additionally, most of the images used on this site are from pexels.compixabay.com and other royalty-free image hosting sites. Any other images or media gathered elsewhere will have their owners and rightful creators credited and if needed, permission will be asked to use such media. By doing this, I am complying with copyright laws.


If infringements are evident on this site, please notify me and we will work to resolve the matter.  I will take full responsibility and penalty if copyright laws have been broken.

Section 3: Hold Harmless


Posts on The Avid Book Louse are for entertainment purposes only.  This site is not intended to be used for educational purposes nor is it a replacement for educational sites.


I am not an academic or teacher, and I do not hold any authority over rules and regulations regarding English language and literature.  Any how-to guides and literary expositions posted on this blog are simply from my perspective only; use at your own risk.  It is strongly advised that The Avid Book Louse should not be used as a reference for academic work.

Section 4: Profit and Affiliates 


The Avid Book Louse has a PayPal simple payments button on the sidebar for receiving payments of $5.00 AUD.  Visitors are not obliged to pay this amount; it is only a voluntary purchase.  The Paypal button is not intended to replace the income I get outside of blogging.  Proceeds of the payments go to keeping this website afloat.


The Avid Book Louse not affiliated with any publications, authors, or companies that are mentioned on the site unless it’s been made apparent.  This blog is purely an outlet for thoughts about literature.

Section 5: Opinionated Content 


Any opinions expressed on the blog are mine alone and are 100% honest.  The Avid Book Louse does not intend to post reviews that are influenced by outside entities e.g. publishing houses, authors, and paychecks.


Ideologies present in reviewed publications or expressed by other book authors do not necessarily reflect my own ideologies and views.  I will not be held accountable if my views counter the readers’ own or if they take offence.


Opinions expressed on this blog are open to disagreement or challenge.  I do not intend to write reviews to influence a reader’s opinions, as they are subject to their own.

Section 6: Commenting 


Commenting is open to both bloggers and the public on The Avid Book Louse.  I will not be held liable for content that is being posted to this site unless they violate 6.2.


The only action I will take on comments is if a commenter posts:

  • Spam or viruses
  • Pornographic or violent content (not related to literature/post)
  • Troll posts
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Self-promoting content (but the only exception to this is if you post a comment actually contributing to the post, and then drop a link to your site… after all, we’ve all got to get that traffic going!)

Any comments of this nature are not tolerated and will be deleted.  Repeat offenders will be blacklisted.