Mojito Mayhem (except it’s not really mayhem, it’s an update)

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Throwback to when I had a social life… and no, I did not drink all three of these mojitos.

Hey everyone!

How’s it going?  Hopefully fine.  Anyway, I’m here with another quick update regarding the blog that I’d rather write about in a separate post than to drone about it in my next review.

I just want to say that TABL has gotten plastic surgery!  I’ve changed the theme yet again to a more minimalist yet fancy design (the last theme I changed it to made this blog look like a homepage for a hipster burger joint), and I’m now using my own custom domain, so sayonara “” extension!  Personally, using your own domain makes your site look less amateur and more professional.  Even though blogging is a part-time activity for me, I still want my site to appear sleek, prim, and appealing to the eye (and potential employers/business partners).  So now I can say that I’ve got my own lot on this virtual block!  Please visit it when you have time!

Also, I’ve updated the disclaimer page.  It’s now reworded and divided into sections.  So hopefully, Louse here won’t get into any trouble anytime soon.  Please have a squiz at that in your spare time.

Last but not least, I have also added a ‘Buy Me a Mojito’ section to my sidebar.  If you like and support my content, you’re more than welcome to treat me to a ‘mojito’.  Buying a mojito shows your appreciation for this blog and is a means of encouragement.  What I do here is for free and for both our entertainment.  Truthfully, I’d rather do things this way than to plaster ads all over this site (no judgement to other blogs making revenue this way).  Technically, this blog is now a way to earn a little revenue, but payments are voluntary from your end and this is not a way for me to be lazy and rely on it as income; so there’s no need to serve me SpongeBob’s ‘GET A JOB’ soup.

Proceeds go to keeping this blog alive and kicking (and maybe a real mojito once in a while), so if you want TABL to stick around on the internet (and if you’ve got some money to spare), then, by all means, go for it!

That being said, I’ll be back with you soon with The Body review.  Keep on reading, folks!

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Hello all!

I just wanted to let you know that my exam is finally over, and that is also the last one that I’ll ever take (hopefully).  If I pass this semester with flying colours, then my bachelor’s degree will be complete!

So now, I’m just relaxing and ecstatic that I don’t really have to stress out over assignments and exams anymore.  For now, I’m just replenishing my brain and taking it easy.  While I still do have other commitments to attend to, that means, for now, I’m allocating the rest of the year to a bit more free time.  So you know what that means, lovelies–I’ll be posting a little more frequently!  Also, I’ll have the time to actually read the books I’ve fervently wanted to read, but couldn’t due to study (and I had to read the set texts for the subjects).  All I’m asking you to do is to stay tuned, watch this space, and expect more content from me soon.

Hope you’re indulging in literature or other things you love.  Since the weekend’s arrived (in Australia, anyway), it’s time to unwind.  I’ll see you again very soon.

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A Forecast

Hey hey, everyone!  I thought I’d just give you a bit of a forecast on what’s to come on TABL.  University started up again, so therefore I’ll be doing a fair amount of study, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be abandoning this blog, but posts (as always) will be at irregular intervals.  Currently, this is my last semester and very final subject (woohoo!) and I might be talking a bit about this subject, Children’s Literature, in some posts.  Secondly, here are some upcoming posts to look out for:

  • Reviews for Apt Pupil and The Body.  Finished both novellas and felt a major literary whiplash from transitioning from the former to the latter!  I’m keen to write these up.
  • T.S. 1888: I’m thinking of doing Ash Wednesday for the second installment of the series.  This isn’t locked in though, so don’t be surprised if another poem is no. 2.
  • A belated love poem I was supposed to publish on V-day, but I forgot.
  • The reason why I’m on the fence with The Catcher in the Rye.  A good book, but why has the Louse changed her views about it?

Ooh! On a side note, if you’ve visited TABL a few times, you may have noticed that I gave it a bit of a face lift.  I’ve edited my About page, and made things less bold.  Hooray for the new banner and blog font!  Also, I’ll admit to being a dummy for roughly seven months– it wasn’t until recently I discovered how to align my texts justified (I’ve gone back and re-edited all my previous posts to align them this way), so expect my posts to be neater!

Since I’m a little bit behind with study, I’m going to be catching up with that.  Despite this, and if I’m in the mood to procrastinate or if I’m at the level of study where can afford to take a little break, I’ll make a start on the Apt Pupil review because MY SWEET LORDE, THIS STORY GOT ME EFFED UP.  So expect me to be verbal about this story when I publish my review on it.  Please stay tuned and if you use the Law of Attraction and envision it, this review will manifest in the coming weeks.  (I’m kidding, this review will be published regardless)

Until we blog-meet again, I shall see you in the next post.  Ciao!

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A Welcome From the Louse (Redux 2018)


I’m the Louse.  I’m a microscopic bug and I enjoy those things on shelves that have pages, chewing through one book at a time (figuratively or literally?  I’ll leave you to ponder).

Welcome to The Avid Book Louse, a blog where I write about books and the Arts overall.  Here, you will find reviews, opinion pieces, and an insight into the life of a recent English graduate (and avid party louse).  Initially, TABL was a blog to revive my motivation to study while I was at university, but now that I’ve graduated, I figured it was time to rebrand this blog to make it some sort of portfolio to showcase my writing and ways I visually present a blog/website.  I also want to establish myself as a freelance writer that can produce various written content as well as edit.  While most of the posts on this blog are informal and do incorporate a bit of wittiness, I do in fact write in formal/academic styles (I mean, I have been doing it for the past four years, and I’m getting a Bachelor’s for it, right?).

Though, I can’t exactly promise that updates will be frequent; I’m currently in a period of my life where I am looking to jumpstart my career (where I won’t procrastinate, don’t worry).  The blog will be a journal-type, and I’ll post things up when I have the time to.  I’ll include reviews of books I’ve read, sneak previews of projects I’m working on, and general opinions about literature and other things.  As for now, I’m not bothered if nobody looks at the posts or whatnot since I’m currently keeping this blog for therapeutic reasons; but with that being said, I’ll be more than happy to make new friends on here!  Again, welcome to The Avid Book Louse, dear visitor!  Come along with me on this literary journey and make yourself at home here anytime!

I look forward to continuing on reading and writing here.  I’ll post something up once in a while, so stay tuned!

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