Hey there!

My name is Eloise (but here I usually refer to myself as the Louse), and I’m an English Major in Australia– I completed my degree on July 2018.  If you haven’t guessed already, I read a fair amount of books when I can.  I’m also an aspiring writer based in Far North Queensland (well ain’t that a surprise!).  I want to pursue writing as a career, but as of 2020, I won’t be available for freelance work until further notice.

Aside from reading and writing, my other hobbies include knitting, painting, playing the guitar, streaming shows and movies (Netflix, anyone?), and the occasional wine, mojito or cold beer.

The reason why The Avid Book Louse was born was so that I can strengthen my love for literature as well as learn new things about books, writing, and skills as an author.  Additionally, this is also a way to try and find other aspiring writers out there.  This might sound really lame and cringe-worthy, but the philosophy of this blog is that both reading and writing can be seen as a journey; enthusiasm at the beginning, hardships in the middle, and reward at the end.  So overall, the main aim of The Avid Book Louse is to extend an arm out to other aspiring writers and avid readers and embark on this journey together.

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