Hey! How have you been? Hopefully you’re all staying safe and hope you’re not too anxious or bored. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m freezing my socks off right now. It’s the beginning of September, and there’s been this sudden cold snap where I am–Spring is supposed to blossom into our lives, but we ain’t feeling it (or at least, I’m not).

But as you have read in the title, I got myself a brand new laptop. So yeah, it sure feels good to type with a “real” keyboard again rather than a cruddy phone touchscreen (and manually adjusting paragraphs to justified via the html editor–ain’t nobody got time for that!). Also, because I kind of go ham with money, I upgraded this blog to a business plan (not that it’s any of your business, teehee), and I also got Adobe Cloud. You know it’s serious business if one gets Adobe Cloud. I purchased it because I need to change my face with Photoshop want to add a little oomph to TABL. That means making better graphics, optimising pictures, and using better stock photos rather than the royalty free ones you get online–sometimes you can’t find the exact image you want to use for your blog post.

I want to invest in a better quality blog/site, so I think it’s fair to say my purchases are justified. At least then, TABL can shine like the star she truly is. This has been my passion project for a bit over four years now, and as each year passes, this blog shall grow and evolve. The most I want for TABL is for it to look professional and appealing to the eye, and to show how far my multiple skills have grown since the inception of this blog. It kind of feels like Christmas, and I’m rearing to make a proper comeback on here.

Anyway, I’m also excited because October is around the corner, and for that particular month, I’m keen to write some sp00ky blog posts because of Halloween. Plus–as of next week, I’m officially taking two weeks off work for a little R&R (yay!). So you may find me on here posting random crap like I used to. Keep your eyes peeled! I shall see you when I see you! Take care always.