TABL Turns Two!: Uncut Ramble Ahead

Hey, hey, hey everyone!

Today’s the day that The Avid Book Louse turns two!  Hurray!  So, to honour TABL’s second birthday, I decided to spice this blog up by recording a video for you all.  I’m thinking that I may occasionally upload videos on WordPress just to add a little more versatility to the content that is being shared here.  Feel free to watch it and enjoy the awkwardness (or cringe).

[Warning: Aussie accent.  I’m sorry if I’m not speaking clearly or repeating myself a lot!] 

Speaking of birthdays, I’ve also got to help my mother prepare for her birthday party tomorrow, so I have to get back to that.

But don’t you worry your cute little head, I’ll be back to writing sooner than you think!


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