Mojito Mayhem (except it’s not really mayhem, it’s an update)

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Throwback to when I had a social life… and no, I did not drink all three of these mojitos.

Hey everyone!

How’s it going?  Hopefully fine.  Anyway, I’m here with another quick update regarding the blog that I’d rather write about in a separate post than to drone about it in my next review.

I just want to say that TABL has gotten plastic surgery!  I’ve changed the theme yet again to a more minimalist yet fancy design (the last theme I changed it to made this blog look like a homepage for a hipster burger joint), and I’m now using my own custom domain, so sayonara “” extension!  Personally, using your own domain makes your site look less amateur and more professional.  Even though blogging is a part-time activity for me, I still want my site to appear sleek, prim, and appealing to the eye (and potential employers/business partners).  So now I can say that I’ve got my own lot on this virtual block!  Please visit it when you have time!

Also, I’ve updated the disclaimer page.  It’s now reworded and divided into sections.  So hopefully, Louse here won’t get into any trouble anytime soon.  Please have a squiz at that in your spare time.

Last but not least, I have also added a ‘Buy Me a Mojito’ section to my sidebar.  If you like and support my content, you’re more than welcome to treat me to a ‘mojito’.  Buying a mojito shows your appreciation for this blog and is a means of encouragement.  What I do here is for free and for both our entertainment.  Truthfully, I’d rather do things this way than to plaster ads all over this site (no judgement to other blogs making revenue this way).  Technically, this blog is now a way to earn a little revenue, but payments are voluntary from your end and this is not a way for me to be lazy and rely on it as income; so there’s no need to serve me SpongeBob’s ‘GET A JOB’ soup.

Proceeds go to keeping this blog alive and kicking (and maybe a real mojito once in a while), so if you want TABL to stick around on the internet (and if you’ve got some money to spare), then, by all means, go for it!

That being said, I’ll be back with you soon with The Body review.  Keep on reading, folks!

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The Future

No posts for September and October?  Naughty me!

How’s it going fellow literary nerds?  It sure has been a while.  The reason why I haven’t been posting is due to life in general.  Initially I was busy with a part-time retail job, but the fate of my position at the shop is somewhat dire; this particular shop isn’t exactly busy and therefore it doesn’t seem as though it makes enough profit to support another employee (there are three employees in total, so you can just imagine how small our shop is!)

With the stress of wondering if I still have a job, career hunting and anticipation, I had no choice but to put TABL on a hiatus.

As of late, I’ve been thinking about the future and the direction that I want to take.  As you know, I’ve completed my degree in English, and I’m currently in some post-university limbo, or so that’s how I feel.  I’ve been actively applying for jobs left, right, and centre and these positions aren’t necessarily related to English whatsoever.

There are always going to be those individuals that will take a jab at English degrees (or Arts degrees in general), saying that we’ll end up remaining unemployed or flipping burgers at McDonald’s (as if that’s a bad thing), but they’ve got it entirely wrong.  Sure, it’s not as though you can get a job straight away after you graduate; but you do gain transferable skills while you study!  Such things include time management, teamwork, computer/digital literacy, research skills, editing, and attention to detail.  Sounds like a good package, right?  So the best thing to do is stay optimistic!

How have I been applying for jobs?  I’ve been looking at jobs through LinkedIn.  Personally, I find that the job postings there are more “professional” if you get my drift.  While there are sites such as Indeed and SEEK,  not all companies advertise positions on those sites.  You can also learn a lot about a company via LinkedIn too; it saves you the googling, and you can actually see if a company is legitimate or not.  I’ve heard stories about shonky job positions being placed on SEEK and Gumtree, and there are some job listings with vague details; some don’t even reveal which company you’ll be working for.  The whole thing could turn out to be a bait and switch for all we know.  But, I’m not saying that these sites are horrible, however!  If you’ve been successful getting a job through those services, then that’s great!  Personally, for me, I just want to find employment through a different means.

I’m also seriously looking at moving for employment.  But so far, with the funds I have at the moment, I don’t think it’ll happen just yet.  My prior choice would be Melbourne since the Arts scene is thriving there and a bigger city would likely have bigger opportunities.  Otherwise, there is always Sydney, Brisbane, and other places here and there.  Also, if I move somewhere (cough, cough, Melbourne), I have a feeling that I’ll get my motivation back.  I just feel that my hometown is beginning to feel stale, for lack of better word.  A change in scenery may wake me up a little.  Despite the media’s romanticism revolving around small, pastoral towns, trust me: you don’t want to live in one!

Aside from job seeking, I’m also considering taking up another course to gain more qualifications.  Although English is my passion (and always will be), it’s also best for me to have a “day job”; something for me to get by while I strive towards my dreams.  In the recent few months, I learned that a career in retail isn’t for me; the reason is that I just don’t have the personality for it (I’m not exactly a people person and dealing with entitled customers can be draining at times).  In doing this, I feel that I’m going to keep my head above water.

Additionally, I’m going to announce that I’m open to freelance writing!  As you can see, I’ve revamped my banner (update: the blog’s whole theme!) yet again, as I also want this blog to be something attached to me career-wise, like a portfolio of some sort (but I’m still chewing through one book at a time, don’t you worry).  Perhaps it was about time I rebranded The Avid Book Louse.  While I’m job searching and making plans, I figured that the good ol’ Louse should really put her writing to more use.  Rather than writing only on TABL, I can also write for others.  The things that I can write include:

  • Blog posts
  • Editorials
  • Opinion pieces
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Creative Fiction
  • Reviews (book, film, etc)

If anyone wants to help out an aspiring writer, please contact me!

So yeah, I’ve been thinking about my future for the past few months.  It’s about time that I plan things through in a serious manner.  Anyway, my lovelies, I’m going work on more reviews after I post this, so stay tuned!

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