He’s back in my life (shelf)!!! (and some updates)

The Louse would like to proudly announce the return of T.S. Eliot to her collection!  Yay!

I think I mentioned before that I lost a copy of Eliot’s selected poems and haven’t seen it since (I still can’t find it).  However, when I went book shopping last week, I stumbled upon a copy of his collected poems.  For starters, this edition was twice as thick as the selected poetry and features his famous works such as The Waste Land and The Hollow Men.  


ecstatic as.

So, you can imagine that I’m quite excited to read the collection.  I’ll post up a proper detailed review once I complete reading it.  Eliot would be one of my favourite poets, methinks.

Now for some updates…

  • I’ve almost finished reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.  There is an draft of the review that is waiting to be completed.  Hopefully, I’ll publish the review soon.  After that, I’ll be reading The Trial by Franz Kafka (if you haven’t guessed already, these books are for my subjects ahahaha).
  • I started working on a novella.  So far, I’ve been writing the draft in pencil on a really pretty notebook.  The novella is called Malevolence, and it is set in Dublin during the 1930s, and the plot follows the plights and doubts of a young woman with a lame leg who lives alone until a visitor overstays their welcome.  I’ll put up an excerpt one day (when the plot develops further).
  • Also, I’ve got a heap of assignments that I have to do, and I’m also assisting in research for my professor’s project.  So I’ve got a fair amount of work to juggle this time around, but I’ll try my best to update this blog!
  • And I’m considering starting up a Twitter account for The Avid Book Louse.  I’m not really into tweeting, but I wouldn’t mind trying to reach out to my heroes (I’m looking at you, Stephen King).  Accordingly, it would be a way for you to keep up to date with what’s going on with TABL and for me to keep up with you.  Sounds good?

So there’s the lowdown on what’s going on in the Louse’s literary life.  I’m gonna go and do my thing now, and so will you!  Happy reading, everyone!


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