Some Thoughts on Publishing

Today, I just want to put a few thoughts down on paper (or rather, a screen) in regards to book publishing.  There are many writers out there in the world, yet many of them are yet to be published.

Last year, I took a creative writing class and the tutor one day was talking to us about the publishing process.  He told us that it’s become increasingly hard for new authors to be published.  In fact, he had to strike a deal with some people in the US in order to get one of his books published.  Also, with Angus and Robertson (a major publishing company in Australia) now defunct, it’s become much more challenging for new Australian authors to have their books on a shelf in, say, Big W.  

Most authors nowadays take to independent/self  publishing and usually make profit online by having their works on Kindle or Amazon.  In all honesty, I felt somewhat disheartened by the tutor’s words, since my main objective in life is to have a well paying job and be an author on the side (but that doesn’t mean that writing won’t be as important).  It’d be great to have physical copies of your works in shops, just like every other successful author.  But with the challenges that our tutor pointed out, it won’t exactly turn out that way.

Or maybe I’m being pretentious?  All the other authors are just like me, making a living out of their works, but it’s easier for them to publish as e-books readily available in online shops.  Surely it’s the same thing, right?  Initially, I was a bit iffy about online self-publishing, but after some re-considerations, I weighed out the pros and cons and the pros definitely trumped the cons!  People buy their works and read them anyway.  Authors make profit, have their names (or nom de plumes) out for a vast audience to see, and the readers are entertained; it’s a win-win situation.  It could be a way to be discovered by bigger people and/or publishers (are you there, Penguin?  It’s me, Margaret).

Still, it’d be a stellar achievement to have your books in print.  There are also ways in which you can get your books published in print.  If you’re superstitious, then luck is one way.  Or, you can use the help of a site called createspace, in which you can publish your book either in print or in e-book form; you’re in charge.

So now I backtrack the doubts I had about becoming a published author.  Depending on which medium you use, it’s still possible; and having a great big think of the whole situation, both ways of publishing can put on the right track to becoming an established author yourself.

I hope I’m making sense!

–On a side note, I went and bought a copy of Ulysses today.  I can’t wait to frivolously scratch my head in confusion! When (or if) I finish it, I’ll give you my sentiments! 

For now, I’ll see you in the next post, lovelies!

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