Milk and Honey: A Review


I added this book to my ‘on the fence’ list when I started up this blog, yet I forgot to rate on Goodreads.  I gave it 4 star rating, but that was because they don’t give you the option of giving out half-stars; so technically I would’ve given it 3. 5 stars.  On this blog, I don’t think I want to do star ratings when reviewing texts since I already do on Goodreads, but rather, I just want to talk about them and share my thoughts.

So, what are my thoughts on this book?  Why am I on the fence with this one?

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Some Thoughts on Publishing

Today, I just want to put a few thoughts down on paper (or rather, a screen) in regards to book publishing.  There are many writers out there in the world, yet many of them are yet to be published.

Last year, I took a creative writing class and the tutor one day was talking to us about the publishing process.  He told us that it’s become increasingly hard for new authors to be published.  In fact, he had to strike a deal with some people in the US in order to get one of his books published.  Also, with Angus and Robertson (a major publishing company in Australia) now defunct, it’s become much more challenging for new Australian authors to have their books on a shelf in, say, Big W.   Continue reading

A Welcome From the Louse (Redux 2018)


I’m the Louse.  I’m a microscopic bug and I enjoy those things on shelves that have pages, chewing through one book at a time (figuratively or literally?  I’ll leave you to ponder).

Welcome to The Avid Book Louse, a blog where I write about books and the Arts overall.  Here, you will find reviews, opinion pieces, and an insight into the life of a recent English graduate (and avid party louse).  Initially, TABL was a blog to revive my motivation to study while I was at university, but now that I’ve graduated, I figured it was time to rebrand this blog to make it some sort of portfolio to showcase my writing and ways I visually present a blog/website.  I also want to establish myself as a freelance writer that can produce various written content as well as edit.  While most of the posts on this blog are informal and do incorporate a bit of wittiness, I do in fact write in formal/academic styles (I mean, I have been doing it for the past four years, and I’m getting a Bachelor’s for it, right?).

Though, I can’t exactly promise that updates will be frequent; I’m currently in a period of my life where I am looking to jumpstart my career (where I won’t procrastinate, don’t worry).  The blog will be a journal-type, and I’ll post things up when I have the time to.  I’ll include reviews of books I’ve read, sneak previews of projects I’m working on, and general opinions about literature and other things.  As for now, I’m not bothered if nobody looks at the posts or whatnot since I’m currently keeping this blog for therapeutic reasons; but with that being said, I’ll be more than happy to make new friends on here!  Again, welcome to The Avid Book Louse, dear visitor!  Come along with me on this literary journey and make yourself at home here anytime!

I look forward to continuing on reading and writing here.  I’ll post something up once in a while, so stay tuned!

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